Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carlos's Last Day

What do you say about Carlos. He's a guy, who grew me up in the industry, right from the start. I met him first while I as a bussboy at Le Bistingo 117 years ago on the Queen West Strip. I probably would not have been here if he didn't teach (from watching) how to have fun in this cut throat side of the service world. We would share stories as he told me what to do and when to do it. then we'd have a beer after service. the stories he tole are rich in lore, fantasy, and reality that is so rare, it's got to be the truth, cuz you couldn't make it up. Every day would be a new story, and to this day he comes up with more - I don't know where it comes from, but it is good.
Carlos built a bar with my brother Christian in the eighties, and had a great time of it, then he went to the starts for a while, and we lost touch.
Just after i opened Starfish in 2002, Carlos popped in as suggested that he wanted to work a few hours, and like myself, Carlos liked to work 25 hours a day, as mush as possible. So, while he was at Pastis in the evenings, he started lunches at Starfish, then he eventually moved into the night position at Starfish, and took over the wines.
Since then he has been in charge of the wined for a long while, as well as closing out the system at night, but most of all he is a character to be reconned with.
I will miss the strange stories of the resto-world, the sordid dark past, the dangerous accent and playful banter with the customers (especially the females). I can hear it now..."Where do you think I am from? I'll give you three guesses..."
Carlos is building his own place - Leopold - I believe the name is. I do not know as I get so self absorbed into my own world, sometimes I do not find out what is going on out there.
Three weeks ago I asked who was cooking for him, and "dunno" was the answer. Not to worry, Carlos has the answer. You may not know it at the time, but the answer is there, as is Carlos, just when you need him.

I will miss him on the bar at Starfish, and it is difficult for me to make the trek to Leopold, at St.Clair & Bathurst.
But I will make the trek.
You should too - just ask about the time a lawn chair came crashing through his window in Ecuador.

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