Friday, July 10, 2009

The Ceili Cottage & Oysters

Hello all, Patrick here. Sorry for the long, pregnant pause - several months methinks. I've been putting together the Ceili Cottage. A lovely little Irish Local at 1301 Queen Street East in Toronto, and it's been open now for 16 days.
We opened is such a last minute hurry, that I didn't get so far as to hang pictures on the wall yet, and only just got the music system working yesterday, so we have a ways to go before The Cottage is done. I think that most cottages are like that though.
I will post the stories of how this all came about, from Starfish to the Cottage, and back again. More for me to write down the stories, but for those folks who are interested in this part of the Restaurant world. I would love some feedback, or questions, as I will be answering questions on line as well, so let them roll in...
In the mean time, a shellfish update.
The Oyster is entering its spawning time on the east coast, and some of the west. That means fat, plump sweet-creamy textures, that some people love, but is not for everyone. The summer changes are short in nature, about two to four weeks, and those who buy oysters will adjust supply based on the spawn time.
At the moment, PEI oysters are looking great!!
- Howard's Cove - are coming in with a full meaty texture, and a wonderful brine. The gills are streaked with green, which would cause most folks to run screaming, BUT, if you are in the know (and I'm telling you now, so get the pencils out) the green gills are stuffed full of algae (phytoplankton) that has seen enough sunlight to stimulate the chlorophyll to a gorgeous blue-green. Flavour-wise, the oyster is very bright in oceany salts, and sweets with a hint of the grassy vegetation it is eating. Can't get better than this. I try to buy green oysters wherever I can. This oyster probably has 4-6 weeks until the spawn cycle hits so enjoy where you can.
- Green Gables - fantastic oyster from New London Bay, PEI. Green on the outside, means flavour on the inside, Plump and meaty, not as green as the Howard's, but just as flavourful.
I'm just waiting on my west coast beauties to arrive - Beach Angels, and Marina's Top Drawers, as well as the Weathervane scallops, then I will report on those.

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  1. Hey man - I'll toss a few questions at ya!

    Lets say a 24 year old recent college grad wanted to open his own restaurant in the city somewhere. He has no money, and doesn't know anything.

    Is it possible? :)