Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Dinky Rink at The Ceili Cottage

When the patio closes in the fall, what do you do with an area of 25'x30' in front of your pub? Just tarp over the tables and chairs, and hope for an early spring?

Heck no! Embrace the winter, and build an Ice Rink!

Well, that's what I thought anyways. I built a 2x6" wall around the patio, not taking into consideration the grade for allowable drainage. Added a tarp, to keep the water in the patio, and flooded as soon as the weather dipped below 0°C.

Who would have thought that I would have spent the next 35 days hoping for colder wether than what we were given. Don't get me wrong, this has been the best winter you can hope for as a human being, wandering around downtown toronto.

But if you are trying to make an ice rink, it was a little difficult at best. It was like i Lost the recipe for ice, as I kept filling the cement pond, it kept leaking away, drop by drop - like my salty tears...

Well, I found the recipe again, and the rink is last.

Folks are invites to use the rink as long as they wish. We open at 5 on the weekdays, and 12 noon on the weekends, but if you want to skate or play before that you are most welcome, we just ask that you keep your enthusiasm to a dull roar, in respect of the neighbours, and let the kids play through. Rules are posted

The added treat of the Rink, allows us to offer a small version of curling to be played whenever you wish. I have junior rocks, from the Royal Canadian Curling Club, and on Wednesday evenings, there will be a host from the Club to offer lessons on the fine art of "Hurry hard!!" See you soon, Paddy

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