Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day

V-Day is coming. Are you ready? In some minds, Valentine's (V-Day) should be everyday - time to express your love for someone should not be left up to one day out of the year, but celebrated at least for one moment of every day.
That being said, it is a nice little treat to pay attention to that special someone just a bit more than normal. One of the special treats lots of folks tend to flock to this time of the year is the Oyster.

Historically speaking, the Oyster has always been considered as an aphrodisiac - something eaten to increase the libido - wink,wink... Casanova was reputed to enjoy over 50 oysters a day to keep himself at the ready. There are many different reasons, why this might work as an aphrodisiac, but as with most love potions, if you believe it will work - shazam!

On the other hand, there are scientific reasons as to why "oysters work". The main reason is the Zinc. Oysters have the highest levels of naturally occurring zinc in any food source. Zinc, as you know, not only boosts the immunity in the human body, but also helps release testosterone in the system, and that my friends, drives the libido. Testosterone is present in both boys and girls, but in differing amounts, which is why the Oyster may "help" boys more than girls.

Not to be left out ladies, there is one other item in the oyster that may hold aphrodisiac qualities for yourselves. There is a report out that indicates the smell and taste of cucumber helps women get the heart racing. The Pacific Oyster has a flavour range of sale, sweet-cream, melon and cucumber - which means the west coast oysters may have a double whammy for yourselves!

Now however you want to take your aphrodisiacs this Valentines day, I can definitely make a couple of recommendations. Book your reservation early, book any day but Valentines day (I'll back you up on this one boys - very busy, and you want a little more romantic joint...), and enjoy your oysters while gazing into each others eyes. This may do the trick to spark a little romance, but no guarantees - I just shuck oysters, I'm not a miracle worker..

Shuckingly yours, Patrick

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