Friday, March 19, 2010

St Patrick's Week at The Ceili Cottage

Ok, maybe 5 days of St. Patrick's was a bit over the top to attempt for the first time out of the blocks for a new Irish Local. But, If a guy can't have fun at his own pub, then what's the use? From Saturday the 13th to Wednesday the 17th, The Ceili Cottage put on a bit of a show, all things Irish. - go to the link on the Facebook page to see some pictures!

Saturday - St. Practice Day was a great start to the week, despite the foul weather. Actually, it was near perfect Irish weather just a wee bit colder.

Sunday - Post Parade Family day played to a host of Children pounding about the place, and eventually getting their face the evening we had a great visit from the Fire Department - after their parader march, and before they were off to NYC to do the same - Hope you all had a great time!

Monday - Ah yes, Industry Night, and the soon to be famous St.Patrick's Open Oyster Shucking Contest. What a format! Head to head, on the floor for all to see! We had 11 shuckers, and in the end Philp Ho (Philip shucks at The Cottage Thurs. to Sat. nights) finished the 24 oysters in 2:40 minutes & very clean (Lawrence David of Starfish was the cleanest of all) to win the newly coveted St.Patrick's Staff Trophy - it will reside at The Ceili Cottage, and the winner gets to carve their name in the staff!! In all we went through 500 oysters, free for the audience to enjoy! Thanks to all for a wonderful Monday night. Now, I have to add that the evening wouldn't be the same without the sounds of The CeiliGrass Band - Bluegrass at it's finest! I look forward to having the boys play again for us VERY soon!

Tuesday - Session night - as always, another wonderful, Trad-Music session, hosted by Ena O'Brien. The frenzy of St.Pat's was felt as everyone was getting ready for the next day. Thank you Ena & friends for the calm before the storm!

Wednesday - March 17th - St. Patrick's Proper. Now, In my mind, to do St. P's proper, you need a few things. The Setting, The Friends, The Music, The Food, and las but not least, The Drink.
The Setting - The Ceili Cottage, is already set to feel, and look like you are away in a place, small and comfortable, about 50 yards from the Atlantic, off of a Connemara drive.
The Friends - 120 of your closest friends, and 150 of your in-laws waiting to join you as soon as they could be allowed. I thank you all for the two hour waits, the suggested dismissal at 9pm (so that you can still enjoy the evening) and 1pm as I had to close the tent then.
The Music - The Mere Mortals 1-4pm, a local group of the Beaches/Leslieville area and Celtic Cross 9-close kept the people dancing where they could thruought the evening! You will see them soon at the Cottage! To be Sure, to be Sure.
The Food - Kyle Deming, Chris, Sean, and Greg all helped out on this over the week, but in the day proper, Kyle Deming making "Guinness-aged farmhouse cheddar" (thanks to Afrim of the Cheese Boutique) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - and served them to the folks in line!! Now that is class! Thanks Kyle, and I hope your fingers grow back, after they gobbled your 'wiches,
The Drink - what can I say - 5 days - 35 kegs of Guinness, Harp, Smithwick's, and Kilkenny. Not the mention the other beer we serve. But St. P's would not be the same without the support, and drive from the Diageo (Guinness Group) folks! Thanks for spinning this out of control!

I would like to thank my staff at The Ceili Cottage for making this possible. Without yourselves, I could not do this on me own - it is a Team Effort, and I could not ask for a better team!

I would also like to thank the patrons - you. Yes, you. You and all who attended managed to pay $10 at the door that went to the Gilchrist-Canavan School of Irish Dance, and after all of the debauchery that happened, you managed to drain 35 kegs, 8 bottles of Bushmills, and broke only 6 pint glasses. That shows a great respect for the product, and the establishment you are in. You are the best group of patrons a proprietor could hope for! Keep up the good work - and don't tell everyone, only tell the friends that you like about The Ceili Cottage!

Shuckingly yours, Paddy


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