Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lobster Rolls on Georgian Bay

I did a Lobster boil at a friend's stag a few years back - I'll tell you that one soon - up on Georgian Bay. The day was fine the water cool, everyone hungry, and I was allowed to do whatever I wanted as far as the cooking goes, so for be it was bliss.
Oysters, sausage, smoker, lobster, pie. But the thing that was the most memorable was the Lobster Roll.

Yes, it's durty, food porn, on a soft, processed, whitebread-bun, but it is the comfort-food on the Lobster world.
Mmmmmm-Lobster Rolls.
This is what I came up with this year - Lobster - tail & claw,
roe & tamale, mussels, peaches and cream corn, and just enough Pommery aioli to hold it all together.
I have a dream, one day to be working a food cart in downtown Toronto - Oysters & Lobster Rolls.
I only go catering once in a while - when the workstation looks like this place...

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