Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oyster Eating Championship

Oyster Eaters rejoice!!

You can eat your way to Ireland with me...

I've been asked by Ireland Tourism, and The Hillsborough Oyster Festival to bring a friend along to the World Championship of Oyster Eating this September 4,5,6th near Belfast Ireland.

To do this, I thought I would bring a competitor for the Championship to represent Canada. The contest is how many oysters can you eat in 3 minutes - world record is...233! If you are not scared by this, and you think you ca represent your Country, and you can travel to Ireland September 4-6th (I can write a note for your boss) then you shoud head down to The Ceili Cottage.

August 20th at The Ceili Cottage - I will be holding the All Canadian Oyster Eating Championship.

We will hold pre-qualifying rounds, Aug. 10-19th at The Ceili Cottage - $20 gets you 20 Malpeque oysters (for competitors only)

We will time you eating them, and the best 6 times will make it to the final rounds on the 20th.

Attached are the Rules form the Hillsborough Festival

For more information, contact Patrick at:

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