Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Canadian Pubs - blog post of The Ceili Cottage

I just received a call from Troy of the Great Canadian Pubs blogspot and had a nice chat with him about what we want to accomplish when we open. Reads great, coming from someone else...
Have a read.


  1. Patrick,

    It was a pleasure speaking with you about your plans. Very exciting. I have received many emails from readers who are looking forward to having a pint in a true Irish local (not one of those faux pas fake ones). Here's wishing you all the best. See you soon.


  2. It's true, you cannot imagine how much we're looking forward to this in the neighbourhood! Will there be regular music sessions folk can drop in on (like at the Dora, Whelan's etc.)?

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  4. Paddy, the Lord told me that us east siders should eat Oysters and drink beer, and that the Ceili Cottage would be the place to go. That was a while ago. We're hungry and thirsty. What say you?