Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday's Session & late night oystering

Pendy and the gang whipped up the tunes a couple of degrees at "The 'Fish" on Monday. Nothing like listening to good Irish music to shuck oysters by. Got me to thinking, that there isn't a great place to have a few oysters late at night in Toronto, and I am wondering why. I tried it in the past, and I know there are a few out there that try to stay open as late as 12 or 1am.
Toronto is the largest city in Canada, we have a great diverse group of people that live and play here, I'm sure there should be a crowd of people who would like to savour a lusty taste of the sea, after a game, in between clubs, or just to cap off the night.  
After going to NYC, and seeing Oyster Bars such as Blue Ribbon Manhattan at 3am, full of chefs, waiters, and generally debaucherous Oyster Fans, I've been inspired to open up a little longer on the weekends.
Friday and Saturday nights, when the kitchen closes at 10ish,  I'll keep the Oyster Bed open til 2am, turn up some stylin" NYC-Oyster-Grotto lounge tunes, and turn down the lights. Hopefully we'll get a few adventurous, debaucherous resto-types in after shifts.
Don't tell your friends.

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