Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Scallops are coming

I just got word, because I tend to forget a few things, that we are landing the West tomorrow, Thursday.
Out of Quadra Island BC, the Outlandish Shellfish Co-Op puts together a lovely "black box" of shellfishy goodies. At the moment we are landing Marina's Top Drawer oysters, Beach Angels, and some gorgeous Weathervane Scallops.

Marina's Top Drawer - Rack grown, or fully aquacultured, at the top of the water, in trays (or drawers hence the name (partially) - Marina was thought to be Cortez's lover, and the top drawer was where she kept her frilly things...nice. Salty sweet cream, and melon vegetables.
Beach Angels - are started on the rack, then finished for a season on the beach to give it a more earthier, natural finish and a beautiful, sage green shell.

Weathervane Scallops - Oh, but the scallops! 4" across the shell makes for a beautiful scallop within. Size of a U10 (U=under 10/lb.) with the roe attached. The roe is the "caviar" of the scallop, and has a taste mush like caviar, without the salt.
I take the scallop, because it is so big, and break it down into its 3 main parts.
Mantle - firm- crunchy, like a water chestnut - and salty like the sea
Scallop (adductor muscle) - soft, and firm, sweet as sugar, from the sea
Roe  - ultra rare to get, there only a few places serving this. - tastes of "fresh caviar"
Get them while you can, I bring in a small shipment, as they only last a few days at best. Not like oysters. 

But then we all can't be perfect. 

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