Sunday, January 25, 2009

ShuckerPaddy - Oyster Shucker-Matchmaker

 As V-day (Valentine's) is fast approaching, I've thought of something interesting to do while I am shucking at Starfish. I will be running a service of Matchmaking. 
I find that I meet alot of folks across the bar, all with the same adventurous thoughts towards food, and some with hopes to meet that someone special. 
I've shucked for it all - casual meetings, first dates, naughty encounters, engagements, stags & stagettes, weddings, and even divorce fetes. The Oyster has brought more people together that I can even think about! 
So now, I am taking it upon myself to have an active role in helping the Oyster in its lusty desire to bring people together. I'm just going to take down particulars, have a think while I am shucking, and if the right person comes along, I'll set up a meeting - over a few oysters at the Oyster Bar!
The service is free - you just have to pop in to Starfish when I'm shucking oysters, and we can have a chat. I'll take down some notes, and we'll go from there.
You can e-mail me as well - to book some time.


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  2. Methinks you should spend less time on matchmaking and shuck your oysters faster. I've been there plenty and you talk faster than you shuck!

  3. Sorry you feel that way, next time you're in just mention that you're in a rush, and I'll expedite your order. Or if you would like to learn how to shuck, I'll teach you at the ShuckerClub...

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