Monday, January 12, 2009

Rock & Roll Train

Yes, my brothers & sisters of the temple of Rock & Roll. AC/DC has come and blown the top off the Rogers Center. How do I know? I was fortunate enough to be entertaining Cosmo, Pab and Harry, the gents, responsible for lighting, sound, and speakers respectively. The men behind the scenens really enjoy their oysters -  several dozen, waxing poetic of the tastes, and textures of each oyster, and chatting about the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. A wonderful night on the bar.
I was then invited to watch what they do, from behind the mixing board. What a treat that was!

I've been to 3 other AC/DC shows, while growing up, and this, by far was the best that I have seen. The combination of technology in speakers, talent on the board, computers to drive them, and the artistry in the light, and stage show itself, produced one of the loudest concerts to go to and yet, the sound was crystal clear. Every note from each of the band members could be heard. Absolutely fantastic! I tip my hat to all of those folks behind the scenes that make the band, any band a spectacle for the senses.

IF AC/DC is coming to your city I highly recommend that you get to the show, you'll not see anything like this again. Bring them some Oysters and tell them Paddy says Hi!

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