Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time - where does it go...

Hello all, It has been a while, I do apologize. 
I have been busy with the dealings of the ocean, and how to get the best of the fruits to your lips.
I am working with a few individuals on the east coast that are interested in shipping direct to Starfish for a wide range of seafood that they harvest all year long in short seasons. That means, I will develop a menu based on the regional-seasonal availability of a fish or shellfish, based on when the people are licensed to bring them out. Right now I'm driving for Scallops and sea urchin from Harold Cossaboom of Grand Manan NB.
Weather is a big player, not just for the fishers who bring you the fish from the sea, but for the truckers as well. If there is too much snow on the roads, the product cannot make it to market.
I'll give you a blast when the product arrives!

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